1. Provider will provide access to the Services via TenantTracker.net.
  2. Provider will provide the Implementation Services as set forth in final approved Services Agreement (if applicable).
  3. Description of the Software:
    1. Tenant Coordination software, including the following features:
      1. Ability to add, edit, update, delete Properties, including:
        • New Development Properties
        • Operating Properties
      2. Ability to add, edit, update, delete spaces by Property
      3. Ability to add, edit, update, delete phases by Property
      4. Ability to add, edit, update, delete deals in relation to Properties and Spaces; including:
        • General information
        • Lease Status information
        • Landlord Work information
        • Tenant Construction Work Status information
        • Tenant Drawings and Permits information
        • Landlord Drawings and Permits information
      5. Ability to upload photos and documents to spaces, deals, and properties
      6. Ability to identify and manage one-to-many relationships between Deals and Spaces for primary and secondary Deals
      7. Dashboard level reporting over Deal and Space information
      8. Ad hoc reporting over Deal and Space information
      9. Search capabilities over Deal and Space information
      10. Excel export of data from both template reports and ad hoc reporting
      11. Access permissions for properties and functionality, setup by individual user accounts
      12. Audit trail for all changes made to account data
      13. Ability to receive email notifications for trigger events for properties
    2. Additional features as enabled by professional services, but possibly including:
      1. Custom template report definition
      2. Custom dashboard report definition
      3. Customization of data elements for Deals and Spaces  
      4. Bi-directional data integration with third-party systems for real-time Deal and Space information
    3. Software is officially supported on:
      1. Browsers: the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and FireFox
      2. Tablets: Apple and Android 7 inch form-factor and up, via latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and FireFox.
    4. Setup Services
      1. Training: The following training services are provided as part of the Setup Fee:
        • One (1) hour of live web-based training via an Online Meeting service
        • Access to online knowledge base articles around product use and configuration
      2. Data upload: Subscriber Data will be uploaded to the Software, limited to the first five properties and associated spaces. Deals will be imported if provided in the pre-defined import format.