Drastically simplify your commercial real estate projects.


Drastically simplify your commercial real estate projects.

For Landlords

Simplify tenant coordination and communication for your commercial real estate projects. Automate manual processes. Collect rent sooner. Pay fewer penalties.

For Lenders

Provide superior assessment and reporting for construction monitoring and inspection. Automate manual processes. Release construction draws faster. Reduce portfolio churn.


25 %
Improvement in DOP

Across Two Separate Client Case Studies

50M+ Sq Ft

Gross Leasable Area

500+ properties

Office and Retail


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Being able to compare actual project tracking, with future dates based on actual occurrences, against an original timeline, with the ease of updating due to cascading dates, all while having an accurate prediction of rent commencement, has been a game changer for us. Our Tenant Construction portfolio is finally manageable on a corporate level.
— Richard Fenati, Director of Tenant Coordination, EDENS

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