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Tenant Tracker Is Hiring A Senior Developer!


Tenant Tracker Is Hiring A Senior Developer!

We are excited to announce a job opening at Tenant Tracker for a Senior Developer role.  Our traction in the marketplace over the last six months has fueled our need to expand our development team.  It’s an exciting time to be a part of this Commercial Real Estate Tech Startup.

Our offices are in the heart of South Broad Ripple at DeveloperTown.  Know of some rock star developers you’d like to refer?  Check out the listing below and reach out to us at

What is Tenant Tracker?

Tenant Tracker is a SaaS application improving the process of tenant coordination (TC) in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Most tenant coordination process relies solely on spreadsheets and e-mail. We’re changing that by automating the process and delivering tools that provide new insight into the process and data behind the TC process.

What do we offer?

We’re a startup with a culture defined by its early members, which means you can help define our culture. We offer full benefits and flexible schedule. We care more about what you’re doing than where you are or when you’re doing it. We need to collaborate to deliver high-quality services, so you’ll need to work the hours of a normal human being. We all have lives and other responsibilities, so we’re flexible.

What will you be doing?

  • Help to define the product that improves the lives, and let's be honest, profits of our customers and their employees.
  • We have big plans to further change the game in both tenant coordination and CRE tech in general. You’ll be a key component in making those plans possible.
  • We’re growing. In order to grow, we need to improve some of our processes that are holding us back. You’ll be working on moderate to advanced application architecture.
  • We also have customers. We’re a small team so we share the responsibility to make sure our customers are happy. You’ll primarily participate in this activity by gathering and implementing customer requirements. Common customer requests are reporting and integrating into external systems like Salesforce.
  • We deploy every Wednesday and so will you.

Who are you?

  • 5+ years experience in building, maintaining and growing SaaS applications.
  • Expert-level knowledge of Ruby + Rails.
  • Language flexibility. We’re primarily focused on Ruby + Rails, but we use the best tool for the job and the core language or framework may change as the application evolves. We recently added React to the stack, so you may need to get a little familiar with it.
  • General web development skills in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.
  • Experienced server administration: Linux, Postgres, AWS platform
  • Experience with Postgres and database architecture.
  • We test with Rspec. You don’t have to BDD or even TDD, but you must write tests.
  • Version Control: Git

If you feel you are a good fit to the team, please contact us at