It’s time to launch the official Tenant Tracker Blog.  If you’ve made your way to our corner of the world, thanks for showing up.  Our goal is to open a window into the behind-the-scenes happenings of a startup, provide detail on what Tenant Tracker is all about and share some CRE/Tech insights along the way.  We hope you enjoy this and share our story with others.

Since this is our inaugural entry, I want to share a little of how I got here and why I am so excited to lead the Tenant Tracker team.  My experience is somewhat unique in that I have in and around the internet/tech space since 2000, combined with Retail brokerage experience since 2009.  In the past, Tech and CRE has been an oxymoron, of sorts.  But that is changing rapidly as more and more startups burst on the CRE scene.

In 2000, there were hundreds of .com startups popping up on both coasts and in large cities in the Midwest. I was fortunate enough to land with one that didn’t fold after 2 months in Chicago called, which evolved into Q Interactive.  I spent 9 years with the company as it grew to a market leader in brand-to-consumer marketing.  This built my foundation for tech and fueled my excitement to continue to stay on the cutting edge. 

Later I took over my family Retail CRE brokerage (Retail Realty) in Indianapolis.  This combined hands-on CRE experience with my previous knowledge as a CRE investor.  I stayed dabbling in tech helping startups and in late summer 2015, Tenant Tracker’s growth facilitated the need to bring in an established leader to take the reigns and grow the business.

The first month here has been a whirlwind of learning, demos, pitches and meetings.  The small group working on Tenant Tracker is so incredibly talented.  We are fortunate to be backed by Developer Town and literally are surrounded by 40+ of the most talented people in the space. And of course we are excited that we get to work out of the cool houses at DT. 


There is such a great need to bring efficiency and automation to the Tenant Coordination side of CRE.  Tenant Tracker has a strong initial client base that we plan to grow each quarter.  We are excited to share the stories, pictures and insights with you. Thanks for visiting – come back often.  Here we grow…