martha spatz - dma associates

"Tenant Tracker makes Tenant Coordination Tracking very efficient, effective and accessible from anywhere. The program allows you to enter and retrieve your specific tenant’s information on a computer, iPad or smart phone – in the field or back at the office – because the data is located in the cloud.
Once the data fields for the project have been selected and populated numerous customizable reports can be produced. In addition, Tenant Tracker can be programed to send notifications to individuals on your teams when key dates and deadlines are approaching.
One of the newest features of Tenant Tracker that our team is particularly excited about this the Cascading Dates feature. For example: if the tenant is due to submit drawings 30 days after the lease is executed, with Cascading Dates the required submission date for drawings will automatically be populated when the lease execution is entered. Tenant Tracker allows files to be saved directly to the program. This is very useful for our team and allows for centralized storage and sharing of information with easy access – virtually anywhere.
I have been leading Tenant Coordination Teams for 38 years (yes, before there were personal computers); this is the software I have dreamed of since we were given PCs."


richard fenati - edens

"After scrutinizing over a dozen different software solutions, Edens chose to test Tenant Tracker because it is cloud based, continuously adaptable, simple to use, pricing is not based on a ‘per license’ agreement, and the Tenant Tracker team is responsive to their clients.
Being able to compare actual project tracking, with future dates based on actual occurrences,  against an original timeline, with the ease of updating due to Cascading Dates, all while having an accurate prediction of rent commencement, has been a game change for us.

Our tenant construction portfolio is finally manageable at a corporate level."